Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Grass Wasn't Green on Either Side...

In fact there wasn’t any grass anywhere. Oh no, I’m not talking about my recent trip to France. France (especially the French countryside) was very green and simply breathtaking. But, during my return trip, I had an experience—a rare one, and that is what I’m here to share today… I saw Greenland!

Bright daylight and clear skies made way for a rare view of the predominantly white island. Even as we approached, I could spot icebergs floating around near the coast. As the flight drew toward the interiors, I could see snow-clad mountains and mountain-top lakes. But the most magnificent of all were the glaciers—colossal icy rivers meandering gracefully—the ice “flowing” from the tributaries to the main glacier to the distributaries which melt and merge into the sea—often in a distinctive “fan.” So spectacularly river-like and yet so icy!

All that said, now it’s time for some snapshots. So here they go. In this first one, you can see the southern tip of Greenland. The icebergs look like tiny white dots in the water.
If you look closely at this second one, you’ll see a lake on the mountain and the mouth of a glacier next to it.
The ones below are actually my favorites. You see tributary glaciers merging into one before they hit the sea.
And, last but not the least, here’s a picture of a “fan” at the mouth a glacier that I was delighted to spot.
Although I feel a few lousy photographs clicked through the hazy, miniscule plane window do anything but justice to the magnificence of the actual view, I thought I should still make an effort to share this precious experience. My heartfelt thanks to the US Airways pilot who kept us informed about the views from time to time. I got a good view of the English Channel (guess what? You can see both the English and French shores at the same time!) And of London too! Usually I hate to miss take-off and touch-down. But, when I was sunk into my Time magazine and the plane hit the runway with a thud and I realized I had actually missed touch-down, I wasn’t sad for a change. I had had bigger thrills on this ride, hadn’t I?


  1. wow!! Tres Bien!!

    btw. voulez vous manger avec moi? :)


  2. wah wah.. kya ultimate pics hain!!!
    Hopefully I'll get to see them someday :)

    bonne pics :P

  3. ore chobi gulo to darun, ta full collection ta kobe dekhte pabo?

  4. great pics - definitely not lousy ...
    u could put them on wikipedia (check "glacier" on wiki .. nothing impressive on the photo front) ...

  5. Excellent Experience! Thanks for blogging it [:)]

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Les photos sont vraiment formidable, et votre description aussi! Merci :)