Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's a new life here in Boston and a very exciting one too. Also, it turns out that the Kindle combined with a 30 min. daily commute (each way) on the subway makes an excellent recipe for reading. And thus my once favorite pastime drowned in the whirlpool of an engineering education finally found a chance to resurface. I inaugurated my reading renaissance with the novel Blindness by Nobel laureate Jose Saramago.
It was during my first visit to Brookline Booksmith (nothing like having a bookstore next door!) that I happened to flip through a Saramago novel. It was called The Elephant's Journey. As I was weaving through the second page of the book, I was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice.
"So, what do you think?"
I looked up. It was an elderly gentleman. 
"It's weird." That was my first thought and also my reply. "There is hardly any punctuation anywhere. And there are no names either."
"Yeah, all his books are like that. It's a bit tricky initially, but you get used to it."