Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Farm Tour

Last Sunday, we went on a cook-out tour to Tanaka farms, a treasure trove of the finest seasonal vegetables. We strolled through stretches of farmland picking veggies (spinach, cilantro, beans, carrots, radish, squash, and delicious maui onions) and then washed and chopped them ourselves and finally got them grilled (along with some tofu).

After a hearty meal, we picked strawberries for dessert. They were the freshest and most delectable strawberries I've ever had. A box-full of them sit in my fridge right now. Readers, you are most welcome to swing by my place and try them while they last!
Trivia from the tour:
  • Scarecrows don't seem particularly effective at warding off pigeons.
  • Purple green beans are purple on the outside and green on the inside.
  • Radish leaves are quite prickly.
  • I missed most of what the tour guide was explaining because (for whatever reason) I found myself lagging behind all the time!
  • In spite of the mouthwatering smell of barbecued corn, we didn't get any as a part of the tour!

I'll let the photos tell the rest of the story (pic courtesies largely go to B, D, and Q).


  1. //Readers, you are most welcome to swing by my place and try them while they last!//

    if only you had picked something other than strawberries :P
    [Q: why are strawberries called 'straw'berries ?]

    Trivia : good to know

    grudge # 1 : I know :P
    grudge # 2 :tour nahin to tour++ kar leti :P

  2. JD: which part of scare-"crow" did you not get?


  3. *try them while they last!*
    -- its almost 5 hours after that post can we now get an update on them strawberries?!! ;D

  4. Hi, good snapshots....i liked the natural snapshots very much...