Monday, April 13, 2009

The Hummingbird

A hummingbird came hovering near my window -
Cheerful, sprightly, free from cares and woes.
Enthralling me with merry midair antics,
He cured me of my Monday morning blues.

He spun and dove and smoothly somersaulted
With tremendous poise and figure-skating grace.
He finished with a bow so picture-perfect
As a disarming smile fleeted across his face.

He serenaded from outside my window.
Across the glass, I watched him pantomime.
It struck a dulcet chord in my heart that bred
The most perfect melody, meter, and rhyme.

Infected by the carefree, happy spirit
I looked into those inconspicuous eyes -
It sent me swirling down a magical vortex
Of glee, consternation, and surprise.

Suddenly I had learned to defy gravity.
Like my avian friend I too began to soar.
The pangs of a cold, humdrum existence
Seemed to afflict my humbled self no more.


  1. really !!! subah subah uth ke likhi hain !!!
    naaaiiiiccceeee :)

    (agar subah subah uth ke likhi hain, to i can't help but doubt your halucination again :P)

    mast hai :)

  2. "Figure skating grace"...nice! :)

  3. Nice poem.
    After your pigeon episode, I thought you were not that much into birds.. quel surprise!

  4. Very cute poem - the ending is so psycahdelic!

  5. @All: Thank you!
    @AP: *Which* (of the many) pigeon episode(s) are you talking about? ;-)
    Also please note that the bird was across a glass window. :D
    @Addie: Psychedelic! I'm flattered. :-)